About Us 關於我們

TWICA (Taiwan-Switzerland Cultural Association) was founded as a non-profitable and legally registered association in Switzerland in April 2017. TWICA aims to bring people together in order to further understand each other through cultural events, e.g. concerts, exhibition, workshops etc. We truly believe only understanding, inclusion and love will lead us to better and peaceful lives on this beautiful land.

We don’t charge membership fee because we believe you who would like to join us to reach the same goal will sponsor these cultural events. Through sponsoring TWICA, you acknowledge this belief. Let’s put the words into actions and move forward together!

TWICA 「台瑞文化交流協會」是一個在2017年4月成立,並在瑞士登記的非營利組織。TWICA的中心思想就是希望把不同的「我們」聚集在一起,經由各式各樣的文化交流(音樂會、展覽、文化講堂等等),進而產生瞭解與信任。我們深信,唯有「包容、理解和愛」才能讓在同一片土地上生活的我們過得更好。