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Welcome to TWICA!
歡迎來到 TWICA 「台瑞文化交流協會」!

This is a cultural platform which tries to bring people from various cultural background together. As the first step, we hope to provide chances to Swiss and European people to know Taiwan more and at the same time, to Chinese speaking people who live in Switzerland to know Switzerland further. While we see those especially world leaders or events tried to divide people, TWICA hope to include them. It’s because we believe only understanding, inclusion and love can make us and the world better. Please join us!


Upcoming Events:

2021年因為疫情的關係目前沒有活動計畫,期待很快跟大家碰面。想念我們的話,非常歡迎收聽我們的瑞士的small talk – Podcast喔!