Shih-Wei Huang Piano Recital 「東風西漸」新春音樂會:黃時為鋼琴獨奏

Theme: The Inclusion of Eastern and Western Music

It was a wonderful Sunday with sunshine in this beautiful building in Luzern. The concert brought approx. 60 of us together. The inclusion of Eastern and Western Music connected us from the East and the West. Our minds were washed by Shih-Wei Huang’s music and impressed how straightly her music came to the hearts. She is not only talented but also works hard. She deserves every single compliment. We also enjoyed the company in the room, the champagne and the catering. Special thanks to the team (Debby Yang, Chin-Wen Lin, Bryan Chu, Samantha Wu, Chen-Han Chien and myself) behind the scenes who made this happen. Also many thanks to Ambassador Gu, his wife and his team. Big thanks to all our guests. This concert couldn’t possibly have been so successful without your participation. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Sun 28 January 2018
14:00-14:30 Welcome
14:30-15:30 Concert
15:30-17:00 Apero

Venue: Konservatorium Dreilindenstrasse 93, 6006 Luzern

Please down load the program here.

Photograph by Chen-Han Chien

Video Clips: